18. December 2016



At Allegro Vivo it´s all about music: Beside intensive lessons, the concerts of summer academy with performance possibilities and going together to concerts, the workshops are especially important:

You will get to know and respond to each other by playing together, at chamber music and in our orchestra projects „moonlight serenade“ and „camerata“. In the workshop „composition and improvisation“ there are no borders for creativity. Important subject for musicians are part of our workshops such as „body awareness & performance coaching“, „free breath – clear sound“ and „joyful playing“.

Workshop “Composition”
“Major chords allowed again. Also everything else.”

03.8. – 10.8. – Workshop with Tristan Schulze

Educational requirements: Taking pleasure in music and expression. The workshop addresses to all instrumentalists and vocalists, who want to discover or engross their approach to their own creativeness. During the daily lessons, participants work together on brought-along fragments, melodies and ideas, which will be brought together and developed. Creative processes will be started. Each participant may and shall be part of the composition process. There is no right or wrong, no stylistic restrictions, but just desire of joined composing, improvisation and giving concerts.Tristan Schulze is self-employed composer, cellist, organist and conductor.The compositions need not to be written obligatory. There are no stylistic restrictions. If there are unfinished or finished scores existing, it’s possible to continue the work within the Masterclass.

Workshop “free breath – clear sound”

10.8. – 17.8. – Workshop with Gordana Crnkovic

Finding ways to breathe freely and to let your diaphragm move freely is of great importance to vocal and instrumental lessons as every musical expression should correlate with an inner emotion that is felt in our bodies: The degree of how much the muscles in our body are permeable for our breathing movement defines how intense our individual instrumental expression will be – not only in terms of sound but also in terms of flexibility and resonance!

To develop an awareness of this connection, to express it musically and witness it physically is the aim of this respiratory and body pedagogical work in the world of music and music pedagogy. The body integrative approach of “free breath – clear sound” liberates the singer and instrumentalist in search of sound and expression with his instrument when professionalizing.

Individual coaching bookable!

Workshop »body awareness & performance coaching«

17.8. – 24. 8. – Workshop with Lilian Genn

Virtuosity, musicality, playing technique are major qualities for musicians. Equally important is the authentic and confident performance as well as the conscious contact to the audience. Musicians are like high-performance athletes, they need a very precise perception and cognition of their body, to manage the various challenges of an artistic career at its best. A comprehensive body perception training will increase the perception ability and the body awareness – on stage as well as in daily practising routine. Requirements for successful performance and healthy musicians for a lifetime! Lilian Genn is lecturer for body work and presentation training at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and the University of Music Graz; movement pedagogue based on the Franklin method®;

Individual coaching bookable!

Workshop »Joyful.Playing« – mental training

17.8. – 24.8. – Workshop with Thomas Selditz

To cope easily with something, to play an instrument effortlessly, to sail through a concert – this all includes a very direct, pleasantly naïve approach to playing music, which may disappear by and by for lots of us – the joy. Who determines what’s easy-going and what’s difficult? Where our learning patterns, which we often adopt from our teachers, colleagues and parents, do come from? Practising – does it help? How does our brain work and why does it catch us by surprise? Thomas Selditz, as a playing musician, an adaptive teacher and inquisitive person, engages himself in finding answers, which we can only respond for ourselves to rejoice.
Since 2010 Thomas Selditz is professor for viola at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Besides his concert and teaching activity he is working as a coach for musicians, provided by his education in kinesiology, hypnosis and NLP. The workshop is included within the course fee.

Workshop „Camerata“

24. 08.– 01. 09. Workshop with John Holloway

The chamber orchestra for strings is directed by John Holloway and is an integral part of the course programme. The orchestra will be formed by participants of the master classes and classes for the youth. Joyous playing along of the classical and romantic literature for strings and becoming familiar with works of contemporary Austrian composers takes centerstage. Performance during the2nd Prize-Winners Concert in the atmospheric ambience of Stift Altenburg, Aug. the 31st, 6 pm.
Scores will be sent to participants in June.

Workshop „Chor“

24. 08.– 01. 09. Workshop with Wolfgang Bankl

Every morning Kammersänger Wolfgang Bankl conducts the choir workshop, which will give you a melodious way to start your day. The big rejoice of singing and the cheerful get-together takes center stage, but of course deep-breathing exercises, posture and consciousness of the body have big positive influence on musicians and their approach to their instrument. No practical experience in singing is required, everybody welcome. The course fees include attendance.

Workshop “Chamber Music”

03. 08.– 01. 09. with professors of the Summer Academy

Chamber music forms the focus of Allegro Vivo Festival and its Summer Academy, for it is a genuine touchstone for technical finesse, highly developed skills of artistic and social interaction and the maturity of a musician’s comprehension of music. Besides encouragement of existing ensembles, new formations will be arranged before beginning of the festival. Chosen literature will be developed within the course. Chamber music classes are offered for pianists, string players, wind instrument players and mixed ensembles and will be coached by Florian Eggner, Bijan Khadem-Missagh and Marko Ylönen.