18. December 2016



»Fulfillment on stage«, Workshop mit Veronika Morscher, 03.08.–10.08.2024

Performing on stage can be the most exhilarating feeling for some of us and hands down one of the most stressful situations for others. If you are struggling with this, there are a lot of possibilities to turn your stage experience from something that is driven by fear into something more enjoyable and more authentic. How can you find a little more ease and fulfillment on stage? How can you stay focused and maintain a strong presence? In this workshop, you’ll receive plenty of input through working with the body, breath, and mind. We will explore concepts from psychology, yoga and music physiology.Join me for this interactive workshop where you will gather valuable tools to make your stage experience your own. Veronika Morscher is a singer-songwriter, yoga teacher and psychologist who teaches performance coaching, concentration practice, bodywork and yoga at Music and Performing Arts Universities in Vienna and Frankfurt.

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»Body awareness«, Workshop mit Lilian Genn, 10.08.–17.08.2024

Virtuosity, musicality, playing technique are major qualitiesfor musicians. Equally important is the authentic and confident performance as well as the conscious contact to the audience. Musicians are like high-performance athletes, they need a very precise perception and cognition of their body, to manage the various challenges of an artistic careerat its best. A comprehensive body perception training will increase the perception ability and the body awareness – onstage as well as in daily practising routine. Requirements forsuccessful performance and healthy musicians for a lifetime!

Lilian Genn is lecturer for body work and presentation training at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and the University of Music Graz; movement pedagogue based on the Franklinmethod®; music education.

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»Fit on your instrument«, Workshop with Coretta Kurth, 17.08.–24.08.2024

With this workshop you can improve your skills on various topics:
• What can I do about stage fright / fear of performing?

• How can I stay well concentrated and keep a strong presence on stage?

• How can I find relief for recurring pain in hands, arms, shoulders, neck, back?

• How do I preserve practicing and playing enjoyable?

In our workshop we work on your individual issues by means of different mental training techniques, mindfulness- and resource management, yoga, music physiology and other methods.

Coretta Kurth is a singer and teaches performance coaching, audition training, concentration practice and breathing and body work at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. See more information on www.corettakurth.at

Workshop included in the course fee, please sign in with your application.
Individual lessons bookable.

»Mindfully connecting to your connective tissue«, Workshop with Silke Dewath, 24.08.–31.08.2024

How much time and effort have you spent with your instruments learning and perfecting your craft? And compared to this, how much attention have you given your body andmental health? Any imbalance? But, it doesn’t have to be this way! By joining Silke’s workshops you will:
– experience the difference after you get connected with your body during a 30 min morning workout in group setting
– feel the calmness of mind and body after a guided 20 min progressivemuscle relaxation class in group setting
– enjoy the deep relaxation that comes after a 30 min massagetreatment (single sessions)

Silke looks forward to your registration and to sharing herexperiences with you!

Workshop included in the course fee, please sign in with your application.




» Moonlight Serenade «, Bijan Khadem-Missagh, 03.08.–10.08. and 17.08.–24.08.2024

Each year students of Allegro Vivo Summer Academy form a string orchestra, conducted by the founder of the festival, Bijan Khadem-Missagh. The orchestra will work on a famous piece of music for strings. The concert on August 6 th and 20th August, 9.00 p.m., will be performed open air at “Stadtsee” Horn. If the weather is fine, you can jump into the refreshing water of the pool. All string players are invited to join this orchestra project. The participation is included in the course fee. Join this project and be enriched by this greatexperience.

Workshop included in the course fee, please sign in with your application.

Workshop »Chamber music«, 03.08.–31.08.

Allegro Vivo Sommerakademie 2021

Chamber music forms the focus of Allegro Vivo Festival and its Summer Academy, for it is a genuine touchstone for technical finesse, highly developed skills of artistic and social interaction and the maturity of a musician’s comprehension of music. Besides encouragement of existing ensembles, new formations will be arranged before beginning of the festival. Chosen literature will be developed within the course. Chamber music classes are offered for pianists, string players, wind instrument players and mixed ensembles and will be coached by Bijan Khadem-Missagh, Christian Ostertag und Florian Eggner.

Surcharge: € 50,– per week, please sign in with your application.