13. October 2016

About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

The Allegro Vivo Festival and its Summer Academy are synonymous with top artistic Quality.
These high standards are a result of the combination of greatly experienced artists, lecturers and decision-makers involved in Allegro Vivo and the unique architecture and acoustics of the respective venues.

Building on the rich musical tradition of the host country, this inspiring environment enables musicians to develop their creative talents and provides a forum for innovative programmes.

The master classes of the Allegro Vivo Summer Academy will give emerging talents important creative impulses for their further musical development, encourage young musicians and familiarise children and their parents with music.

Allegro Vivo is intended to be a place of encounter and a vital element of public life in the region, making visitors from all walks of life and all generations aware of how music enriches life and connects people.

At all levels of the organisation, those involved in Allegro Vivo reflect the high standards of the undertaking. Their interactions with others are infused by the readiness to provide excellent service, professionalism and flexibility.

Chamber Music

Music in general, and chamber music in particular, is a symbol of human interaction, of the amazing results which can emerge when individuals – different personalities and instruments – work together towards a higher purpose. Apparent opposites complement each other and become necessary ingredients at a new level which is the work of art. For this reason, making music in an ensemble is a focal point both in the concerts of Allegro Vivo and at the Summer Academy.

In addition to the fact that many great composers wrote their signature works for this genre, chamber music is also a genuine touchstone for musical versatility and the scope of an artist’s personality. Chamber music places equally high demands on technical finesse, highly developed skills of artistic and social interaction and the maturity of a musician’s comprehension of music.

The Exceptional Venues

Being embedded in the mystical landscapes of the Waldviertel and the architectural treasures of its abbeys, palaces and fortresses, endows the Festival with a unique flair. Spreading gradually throughout the entire Waldviertel region, this well-conceived integration of some 25 venues has become the hallmark of the Festival.