19. July 2016

2. Preisträgerkonzert

2. Preisträgerkonzert

31. August 2019 um 18:00
Stift Altenburg, Bibliothek


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4.00 pm Besucherfoyer, guided tour
6.00 pm Bibliothek, concert

Graźyna Bacewicz, Konzert für Streichorchester
The detailed program of the winners will be announced shortly.

Prize winer of Allegro Vivo
Camerata der Sommerakademie
John Holloway, conductor

Nikolaus Straka, presentation


The grand finale of this year’s Allegro Vivo summer academy takes place in the library of Altenburg Abbey. 300 years ago abbot Placidus Much dedicated the Abbey to science and art. To perform in this historic and beautiful hall is an extraordinary experience for any young musician and a first milestone in the career of outstanding talents. The camerata of the summer academy under the direction of maestro John Holloway embodies the importance of collaboration in music, creating something together that is larger than the sum of its parts.