19. July 2016



6. September 2019 um 19:30
Konzerthaus Weinviertel, Ziersdorf


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Toots Thielemans, Bluesette
Ernesto Lecuona, The Breeze and I
Leonhard Paul, Wapplergavotte · Der Tanzbodenboanige
Traditional, Maiglöckerlmazur
Ludwig Schmidseder, Text: Theo Prosel, l hob die schönen Maderln ned erfunden
Richard Strauss / Leonhard Paul, Mei Mutter war a Rosenkavalier
Leonard Bernstein, » Maria « aus West Side Story
Stevie Wonder, Isn’t she Lovely
Junior Mance, Jubilation
Rodrigo Aramante, Tuyo
Alexander Courage, Star Trek
Richard Stone, Pinky and the Brain
Jimma Van Heusen, Love and Marriage
Henry Mancini, Pink Panther
Willy Jelinek, Text: Karl Schneider, Der Wein is a Luada
Eik Breit, Morgen
George Michael, Faith
Chuck Mangione, Land of make believe
Udo Jürgens, If I never sing another song

Thomas Gansch, Trompete, flugelhorn
Leonhard Paul, Posaune, bass trumpet
Albert Wieder, tuba

The three members of the iconic Austrian ensemble Mnozil Brass made it a habit to end their concerts with improvised encores, which in this case means: Whatever comes to mind … No rehearsals, which rarely seem necessary for them – the virtuoso brass masters simply go for it!