19. July 2016



10. August 2019 um 20:00
Horn, Arkadenhof


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(rainy weather Vereinshaus Horn)

Florian Klinger,LCP Intro
Hans Zimmer, Mombasa
Sebastian Brugner, Invisble Drumkit
Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow / Johann Strauss / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Ivan Presern, Hummelflug (arr. Sebastian Brugner)
Owen Clayton Condon, Fractalia (arr. Joachim Murnig)
Florian Klinger, 8.9. Electro – Glocken D’n’B
Florian Klinger, / Franz v. Suppé /Richard Wagner, Das Duell 1 (arr. Florian Klinger)
Florian Klinger, Das Duell 2
Paul Dukas, Der Zauberlehrling (arr. Florian Klinger)
John Williams, Star Wars
Thomas Newman, American Beauty
Florian Klinger / J. S. Bach, Bach Dub (arr. Florian Klinger)
Chick Corea, Got A Match
Léo Delibes, Pizzicato (arr. Joachim Murnig)

Louie’s Cage Percussion
Sebastian Brugner, Dominic Feichtinger, Krištof Hrastnik, Florian Klinger, Joachim Murnig, Lucas Salaun

Wanting to “beat something” needn’t be a bad thing – especially if you’re a member of Louie’s Cage Percussion. The virtuoso formation ranks among the latest hits in the Austrian newcomer scene. For Allegro Vivo the band put together “FUNtastic!”, where nobody will be hurt, but certainly touched.