19. July 2016

Waidhofen/Thaya, Stadtpfarrkirche

Waidhofen/Thaya, Stadtpfarrkirche

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Pfarrhofplatz 1
3830 Waidhofen an der Thaya


The county town of Waidhofen was founded in 1171 and classified as a town in 1230. Beneath the town there is a network of cellars used in the middle ages as an escape route. The town centre has a well preserved Medieval wall. The Baroque parish Church sits at the top of the town and is visible from afar.



Konzert, Waidhofen/Thaya

»Der musikalische Scherz«

Thursday, 9. September 2021 at 19:00

Waidhofen/Thaya, Stadtpfarrkirche - Pfarrhofplatz 1


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