21. December 2021

Fees and Accommodation Classes for the youth, children & their parents

Fees and Accommodation Classes for the youth, children & their parents


Registration fee in addition to the course fee € 130,-
The registration will only be processed after receiptof the registration fee.
Confirmation will be sent afterapprovalby the lecturer. Limited number of placesavailable. Early registration is recommended. If the acceptance is refused by the professor, the fee will berefunded.

Course fees for the youth, children and their parents

11th – 24th August

strings, flute € 390,-

11th – 18th August

strings, flute € 240,-

11th – 24th August

strings, flute € 240,-
children- and youth orchestra
Juan Sebastián Acosta 11th – 18th August included
chamber music 18th -24th August included
rhythm workshop 18th -24th August included
Discount for families:
For families or additional classes the registration fee is charged only once.
all prices excl. registration fee & accommodation


Campus Horn 11th– 24th August, 13 nights
Children (4 – 9 years), full board € 650,-
Children (4 – 9 years), bed & breakfast € 507,-
Children (10 – 14 years), full board € 689,-
Children (10 – 14 years), bed & breakfast € 559,-
Adults/ Youth (age 15+), full board € 884,-
Adults/ Youth (age 15+), bed & breakfast € 689,-
single room surcharge: € 28,- per night
When booking only one course week, the overnight stay (6/7 nights) will be charged proportionally.
We strongly recommend booking accommodation together with the course. Experience shows that private accommodation is not available in the region in summer.
all prices incl. taxes

Terms of Payment

Registration deadline: 15th May, 2024
Approvals will be carried out currently as far as possible, not later than until the 1st July.

The course fee has to be paid by 30th June, 2024.

Without charges for the receiver by remittance to account

All prices incl. taxes